Give me all your money… 

Having been away for a while on this end. I do return bearing gifts. Interior decor gifts, well, technically items. This is mainly because you have to buy them, I might be taking some but not all of your coin but it will be worth it I promise!

Let us begin.


I beautiful mirrored decor tray could literally transform your coffee table into a fairytale. You can add a small vase with some gorgeous flowers that will beautifully reflect onto the mirror and you will have everyone mesmerized.


An amazing dining set can actually change your whole dining experience. You can theme your meals, have them fun and/or classy. You could literally have Breakfast at Tiffany’s in your own dining room area. Don’t be afraid to mix and match those patterns and sizes to arrive at a unique style that will have you setting plates every chance you get.

Shop Now: https://www.instagram.com/veebydesign/


The right carpet does more than just cover a space on your floor. It merges the whole house decor and most of the time is the base that leads to your pillow choices, curtain pattern choices and all the other good stuff. So why not get the right carpet for you. Great feel and great design. Have a look at this beautiful bohemian inspired design that is among the many, many designs we have in store.

Shop Now: https://www.instagram.com/veebydesign/



Always look at the material and the finishing, what I offer is durability, quality, and style. You spend a lot of your time sitting down don’t end up with raggedy chairs after only a few months. If you spend your money always ensure you get it’s worth. This dining chair set will have your guests having several seats.


Heard people are into accents, turns out we have the best kind. Accent chairs work well in both intimate and large spaces. The offer amazing reading or general relaxing nooks.


Finally, before I make this post longer than it needs to be. If you have furniture that has been there for a while and has seen better decor times. You want a change but not really looking to buy a whole new set, how about you invest in these gorgeous refurbishing materials. Give your furniture some durability and modern style.

This is pretty much the end of this post but we have plenty of more items. Be sure to check out our Instagram (@veebydesing) where we will be including the prices to make it easier for you to shop.

I’ll also be posting a very efficient catalog that will be downloadable for your viewing and shopping pleasure.

Thank you so much for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment and let me know what more you would like to see of, what decor items you would like to have me bring in as well as suggestions on posts to keep you reading.

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My Top 5 Decor Picks

Take your pick…

Almost a new year! I hope you all have great plans for the gorgeous and anticipated 2018. I for one haven’t stopped thinking about my top 5 decor ideas. I love trying out new stuff and trends and these definitely picked my thoughts for a minute. While I dive right into it, feel free to comment your favorite styles, picks and ideas as well.

  1. Plant Decor
Image Source: http://bit.ly/2C73Jo8


To say I have been obsessed with this trend would be an understatement. This brings so much life to your space, add an above chic vibe that definitely will brighten up any corner trying to be a decor nightmare, especially when it’s too small and too big at the same time.

A white and green always looks stunning but do not limit your options. You can always try out different styles, creating great opportunities for DIYs especially with succulent plants that don’t need much care and still look perfect.

Image Source: http://bit.ly/2ldrwun
Image Source: http://bit.ly/2lcpye1

Gold and copper have been staples in the home decor trend realms this year and they do not seem to be dying out any time soon. These definitely bring a level of class to your decor without much effort.  Pop in a couple of greens and let the compliments stream in during those stressful house parties.

I have been such a huge succulent plant enthusiast. This is ever since it came to my attention that I do not need to water these precious babies. Who wouldn’t want an independent plant decor just doing it’s own thing? I know i’d sign up for just dusting it up one or two times every now and then.

Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BcPXPmZAOfL/?taken-by=shopnanjala

Get yourself some pretty pots and you are set with whichever decor style you might be going for.

I came across this amazing page on Instagram called Shop Nanjala and I literally fell in love. If you are looking for beauty in a plant pot be sure to check out their page.

I love getting these awesome shops close to home with exactly what I’d want and what a lot of veebydesign readers could be looking for.





2. Cozy Reading/Working Nooks

I have always been one to grab a book and get lost in it, especially my Harry Potter books (I could literally read these anywhere, any time)

It’s always great, if possible, to set aside a comfy area to either turn a few novel pages or just finish off some work from the office.  Far away from destruction and also to be able to organize your files, papers or even business documents.

Image Source: http://bit.ly/2DQP40V

Here are a few tips to get a cozy nook:

  • Have some relaxing framed pictures, family portraits in black and white or a couple of printed pictures from the internet. This avoids a plain wall.
  • Good lighting, this is actually my next top pick. Considering this is a reading/ working station, proper lighting goes without saying.
  • Add some flavor by maintaining some sort of theme, you can have an all white or all pastel stations, whatever will tickle your fancy!
  • A cozy rug, that’s just it! Get a cozy rug don’t rub your feet on unbearably cold tiles, you won’t get anything done if you are anything like me.
Image Source: http://bit.ly/2kZcJo6 


3. The Good, the Great and the Proper Lighting

This has been a good year for lighting in terms of trends. If you have been an avid interior decor follower I am sure you have seen this everywhere. From the minimalists to the extremists of interior design. Lighting really did stop just serving one plain purpose. It is now a household name when it comes to picking major points of interior design.

Image Source: http://bit.ly/2C9CCJj

Beautiful lighting should not be limited to the living room and bedroom only. Spread your horizon and work on your bathroom lighting.

Something this small could change everything decor. The cooper color gives off a very vibrant and five star hotel impression to not only you but also your nosy guests.

I have been seeing this precious designs at Mr. Price Home Decor on Yaya Centre and you can also hit up the numerous home improvement shops along Biashara Street and try your luck. I will make some time and check out where exactly to get them. Contact me via comments or DM me on my Instagram or Twitter page Veebydesign  and we can talk more on how to get yourself sauced up on some home lighting.

4. Coffee Table Decor 

From plain tables, to the glow ups. I would stare at videos for hours and hours learning how to get the perfect coffee table decor with trays, books, long beads, flowers not forgetting those gorgeous scented candles.

Image Source: http://bit.ly/2C6ZoUy

Image Source: http://bit.ly/2BTaY6g

Hope these beautiful images gives you some inspiration for next decor project. This will change your whole living room. It’s the little changes that make the room seem spectacular.

  • The books do not have to be fashion inspired (though you can get theses at home.decor254 at ksh.500) but any hard cover of your choice should do great. You can get these at ksh. 100- 150 along the streets in town especially around the Bus Station area.
  • Get some fresh flowers, one or two should do. This will be easy to change once they die out as compared to getting a whole bouquet.
  • Scented candles are everywhere, I used to love the ones in the Nakumatt Gift section, they had all the shapes, scents and sizes. Luckily Mr. Price can come through. I have yet to see the good kind at Tuskys but I haven’t been looking for them at that spot really.  Home.decor254 also has beautiful unique scented candles for ksh. 750.
  • It’s not a must to get a tray for this masterpiece but I will say it does help to have one. T-Mall is currently holding some cute ones price depending on size. I do remember the tiny one was going for about Ksh. 250. For the more trendy designs, you can get a geometrical shape with a glass bottom to add a bit more style. These trays usually come in gold or silver so you can of course go with preference and general house decor.

5. Bold Paint Colors

Image Source: http://bit.ly/2DUNRFA

Life is too short to have boring colors, go bold and try out this daring trend.

Image Source: http://bit.ly/2Carpdy

This is a new way to spice up your living room in a big way. Painted walls are a huge commitment but if you get the shade that matches your personality and style you should settle in just fine.


Bold colors are set to be an even bigger trend in 2018 so call up your painter or pick up your overalls and get ready to score with your favorite shades.

Tips to rock a bold wall paint:

  • Match it with the seats
  • Pick a color you can live with (sometimes people pick a color and end up wishing they didn’t)
  • Compliment the color with decor accessories; paintings and easy to fit chandeliers

So those are my top 5 decor trend picks! Don’t forget to let me know in the comments which one’s you love, I’d also like to know your worst decor trend picks that you would show the door. I’d say my top worst decor trend pick is the continuously high prices on anything home decor in Kenya. Literally looking forward to IKEA making it’s way here and hoping it gets here cheaper.

Hope you all enjoyed the read, thank you so much for stopping by and I hope to share some more tips and tricks with you soon.


Moving out?

Here are some helpful tips to ease the process…

Moving into a new place is always a pain. I remember when I moved out with my family that one time, the hustle and costs to this date are the reasons my move will be quick and easy. Just a bunch of clothes and my make-up. (maybe my niece too and only because she’s tiny, otherwise!)

So in light to a close friend soaring to her new beautiful apartment I thought I do a little piece on how to reduce moving pains and enjoy that new chapter in your life.


This is by far the most important part of moving. Please don’t carry all your recycled BlueBand tins to your new place claiming “you’ll need them” and ” you never know”. Thank the Almighty for the plastic paper ban here in Kenya because some of us would reserve a whole hour to just organize those polluting monsters for the move. Think  about what you need and what you’ve been meaning to get rid of.

You can opt to do a good deed and give out some of your stuff to charity. From the clothes you don’t wear anymore but keep around because you thought they’d work with an outfit “one day” to the shoes you haven’t walked in in years.

If you are planning to get some new furniture, don’t be greedy picking a stool and a chair from mum’s house. Move in first then see what else you might add that was lazying around back home then add it on later. Otherwise, guys will reduce their clutter into your new space.


Nobody ever said moving in has to be a sprint. Rushing into stuff might end up leading to unnecessary over spending. Nothing ever beats good research, look into the best moving companies, the best day and time to move (I’d say the weekend) and also inquire from areas you bought major delicate items if they do deliveries for free after purchase. This ends up saving you a lot more money. So you make the purchase and they store it for you, for some time (usually they have a maximum storage period) and when you are ready for the move, they just hook you up!


Although some might not see this as necessary, I honestly think having a good idea and plan of how you want your space to look like is beyond important. This helps you know close to exactly what to get and what isn’t necessarily your style. It becomes strenuous when you walk into a dozen stores not knowing what you are looking for, or what color, or even worse having to decide on a decor theme on the spot. You end up with quite a mixture of items and by horrible luck you might hate all of them when you place them together.

Plan ahead, if you are not a planning freak like me a) hire me to do it for you (hahahaha) and b) have a rough idea (not too rough though like at least draw something small on paper)


Do not assume the size of your space and the size of the furniture. It’s of course unrealistic to measure everything you want to get, so just basically the big items. Confirm the bed size, the sofa and also in some cases the cooker and fridge. Measure your space and ensure they will fit perfectly without looking squeezed, if you don’t ensure this they might not even fit at all after you’ve already made that purchase.

Thank you so much for stopping by… that is all I have for today. I hope these tips help ease your move. Don’t forget to share the post with a friend and a friend of another friend.

Peace, Love and Prosperity Xx


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I gets with the trend…

Now if you have been following the blogs, vlogs, pages and all that good stuff on the Internet these days, you will notice the new term that has been all the rage for the past couple of .. years? not really sure. PASTEL! (weirdly sounded like Pascal my primary comps teacher he was one of the good ones with his MS Word and all that other important -ish stuff)

I got into the rave after all these pastel products started coming about, from the nail- polish to the make-up palettes, the handbags, the always amazing pastel outfits and oh good Lord yes the beautiful pastel shoes I would drool over on weheartit (this site always had that kind of vibe).

Anyway, now that we have an unnecessary quickly ended back story to this particular blog post, I can now jump into why we are actually here… Pastel Wall Paint.

Pastel blue
Image Source: https://domino.com/pastel-color-wall-paint?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=7.16%20Daily%20Active&utm_content=A&utm_term=Daily%20Active

My next door neighbor has been doing renovations and I went to take a peek (it’s my nosy neighbor duty) I loved almost everything about it, except the very disturbing blue he had going on for some of the bedroom walls and some of the wardrobe doors (I said nothing but good things though because I am a coward lol)

But if you ask me: A pastel blue would have been more calming, easier to work into your decor and is also gender fluid. This color would work for both a boy of a girl. For a girl, just add in more pastel pink things to your decor matched with some blue if you like and white to neutralize the monotony and boom! Interior decor magic. For the boy add in some whites and yellows and boom! Interior decor geniusness (you are welcome all ye parents to be, I take praises in likes, shares and subscriptions)

Modern day pastel wall
Image Source: http://www.styleandminimalism.com/2015/08/decorating-with-dusty-pink/?utm_content=buffer57f29&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer

The Pink Pastel wall matched with some modern day decor gives this space the perfect feel (kind of like a Carrie Bradshow vibe … for the very young ones that is a sex in the city reference, necessary tip: Don’t watch this show with your parents at 8pm on KTN like I did you will be asked about the news, sent countless times for glasses of water and finally have the TV turned off for you to go sleep or do your homework). Anyway, the framed pictures did bring out the best in this pink pastel wall, not being too much but playing a huge part in completing the overall look, kind of like the right shade of lipstick after a full face of make-up.

pastel stairway
Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/benjaminmoorecolors/5978084998/in/set-72157617317785861

I know for some this might of course be too much but it honestly just showed how easily this colors blend and give off such a unique style depending on someone’s decor. Here, there are some really bold furniture choices but it for some reason. Also as I made my way up this pastel stairway I could not help but imagine a really tasty scoop of strawberry and mint ice cream (let my unique and unusual taste-buds live!!)

Okay! That is all I have for you guys today. Hope you enjoyed the post. I really enjoyed making it. Feel free to share, like and subscribe 🙂

Wait I’ve just remembered my primary comps teacher was called Polycarp not Pascal … my bad. Still a shout out though!

Stay Sane Xx.


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Velvet Inspired Decor

A space fit for royalty…

A throne is only a bench covered with velvet ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Look Napnap (I am so good with nicknames lol) already let us know what it takes to get our very own thrones and that’s exactly what today’s post will be about, nice velvety things that make us all look like we have some coin.

Also, this post was inspired by my addiction to Game of Thrones that I have been rewatching for the past few days and suspiciously learning the lines. Anyway moving right along, let’s dive straight into the post.

Velvet Chair
Image Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/f9/9f/fe/f99ffe8e8c82144c7cfc715f21f2acf1.jpg

C’est parfait if you ask me. Gold has such a grand effect on anything! These chairs scream elegance, coin. The velvet gave this space a whole new feel, take for example, I am such a hater when it comes to black and white tiles, they are very Alice in Wonderland-ish but I certainly did not mind how they seemed here. Put a leather seat and I’d be having a different opinion for sure.

pink velvet chair
Image Source: http://essentialhome.eu/inspirations/

The modern minimalist take on a classy pink velvet. Add a touch of unique to your dining table with this gorgeous piece (or pieces). Things will just never be the same during dinner, even your meals will end up being different, some chicken, some fish,  some filet mignon, some wine, some ugali.. you know … the expensive stuff!!!

Okay! Next thing we could have a glance at is velevet curtains, wait! Before you write me off, just hear me out! You do not have to do the medieval velvet curtains, go with the times and be a little subtle. Have a close look at this kind of velvet…

velvet curtains
Image Source: http://www.westelm.com/products/luster-velvet-curtain-dusty-blush-t1802/?pkey=ccurtains-drapes%7Csolid-curtains%7C

I know you agree, but remember just don’t get everything velvet. We love it but we aren’t maniacs … Mix and match! Otherwise we’d be eating one type of food at a time just rice for lunch then just beef for supper ( I should have a food blog and just mention the obvious … hahaha) I hope you get what I mean lol I am far too lazy to explain this well thought through analogy.

Moving on, we always get the boring beddings don’t we? Well that is about to change. Warm up in royalty this cold season ( this is just #ad gold, Kings collection hit me up ASAP)

velvet beddings
Image Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/81/f3/9c/81f39c5fa67c574aeae0047089f3af38.jpg

It is warm, definitely unique and just down right beautiful. This was definitely what Napoleon aka Napnap was going on about when he mentioned you just need to velvet stuff up to make it look pricey.

We have now come to the end of the blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I had quite alot of fun doing this post. Feel free to like, share and comment.

Stay sane. Xx


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3 Amazing Wallpaper Uses

Beyond the wall…

It’s been quite a while, I’m sorry! Well needed rest I feel. Anyway, I’m back at it again with a new helpful and creative post to keep our designer minds popping and bobbing.

Wallpaper has always been my go to when talking about a quick interior change. The house walls are usually like skin, you change your skin and you look a whole lot different (this is the best analogy I could come up with after going missing for months.. nice.. haha). Moving right along, so here are 3 amazing uses for wallpaper that will give you house a new look and cost you less coin than you would think.


wallpaper on staircase
Image Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/b3/49/40/b349401a3e25fb3edafbd84704309335.jpg

There always those over dramatic wallpaper designs I see in stores and I just stare at them like, who in the world would buy this? Well, I guess we should now!!! A little goes a long way. Add an accent wall without getting permanent and it being on the side of the staircase definetly got a nod from me because it looked a little less busy and does not restrict other patterns you may wish to have in your space.

The good news is that there is more than one way to place a wallpaper on your staircase. Have a look at this!

Tropical staircase
Image Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/e0/a7/dc/e0a7dcf491b832715af062eba0f24a25.jpg

This looks absolutely gorgeous, and the best part is the placement is not at the top of the staircase so nobody will be ruining your beautiful style while the make their way up the stairs.

This particular picture did give me some tropical vibes because the blending of the pineapple images on the wallpaper and well placed vibrant plants, matched with those chairs ( I honestly don’t know what they are called) everything did come togethere perfectly. Goes to show that “one” thing could complete the look you might be going for and that “one” thing could be wallpaper.


Paintings can be very expensive, though totally worth it. I personally advocate for buying beautiful paintings mainly because I have amazing artists for friends, shout out to you Eileen Tamining, she draws people, birds, dogs to a pack of yogurt to absolute perfection, check her out. Anyway, sometimes when we are trying to get ready to save up that money for a beautiful drawing we could indulge in some allowed wallpaper cut into a beautiful frame DIY.

Framed wallpaper
Image Source: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1pcMSNpXXXXbiXXXXq6xXFXXXl/Framed-Home-Decor-Canvas-Art-Painting-Forst-font-b-Nature-b-font-Landscape-Painting-Modern-Wall.jpg

You can thank me in likes and subscriptions for this one, I’m not needy 🙂 Anyway, so a framed wallpaper gives you room to have absolutely anything on your wall (in high resolution if you’d wish btw), it literally depends on what you would want for your space. So go ahead and get to DIY’ing.


Sometimes , you would want to shake things abit. Add some character to your normal tray with some leftover wallpaper. Doesn’t cost too much time or money but the impact is definitely something your guests will notice. Be sure to direct them to veebydesign for more awesome interior decor tips and tricks ( As LoganPaul would say, always plug!!)

TRay accents
Image Source: http://images.meredith.com/content/dam/bhg/Images/2009/10/101463369.jpg.rendition.largest.jpg

Tell me this isn’t stunning!.. I’ll wait!


So, that is all I have for you today, I am glad to be back and I’m glad my fellow designers are right back with me. Hope you enjoyed the post. Wishing you all nothing but good health, great success and warm hearts.


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5 Temporary Rental Apartment Upgrades

Your Landlord doesn’t even have to know…

First decor post of the year… I am excited!!!!! How have your first few days been like? Let me know in the comment section down below.. did you get a dog? get married? change your hair color? I did all the above… haha just kidding, I planned to get a nose ring though then chickened out so I have that going for me. Anyway, back to the matter…open and close… (Wizkid reference talk about click bait lol) Vee! concentrate… okay now for sure we are getting back to the matter at hand, which is my most favorite thing to talk about and that is of course Interior Home Decor! So let’s get into rental friendly upgrades shall we?

Now moving into an already built home is easy in most aspects, considering it’s just like fast food…only for homes, if that makes any sense (like in-and-out? no?..okay!). The house could be perfect in most parts but there could be some areas that are simply not to your liking but looking for the perfect rental home is usually an impossible journey. So here are some few tips that could help you make that home a little more perfect to your own taste.

  1. Rental Friendly Wallpaper

For some reason some landlords have a liking for really awkward colors. Of course some people could work through this colors but for the most of us they are simply repulsive regardless of the fact that the space could be perfect. Removable wallpaper is probably the answer for you. Coming in a huge selection of design, colors and patterns you will immediately feel right at home. You can get good quality wallpapers from most of the home stores all around Nairobi. Check out Mr. Price Home, they never disappoint.

Removable Wallpaper for Renters
Image Source: http://bit.ly/2jdQFE7

2. Change up the flooring

I have seen quite some interesting tiles in my search that I would in no way be willing to deal with. I have mentioned this before, Floor Decor Kenya is definitely the fix in this situation. The laminated flooring can be placed right on top of those hideous cold tiles or you could also have a vinyl cushion placed which is a cheaper option that is just as versatile, durable and classy. Click on the link above to read more on laminated flooring, I had done a much more extensive post earlier :).

Laminated Flooring
Image Source: http://floordecorkenya.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/IMG_7135-1030×801.jpg

3. Lighting

The lighting that comes in rental homes is most of the times very simple and by simple I mean literally just a bulb to get you out of the dark… no style or character whatsoever. Luckily this can be easily spruced up with some new light fixtures. You will need to leave with these to your new home though, nobody is trying to gift anyone here.

Image Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/27/3a/18/273a187662d41f6e91d19f5c76e8404d.jpg

4. Counter-top upgrades

For a lavish look, you could change up your counter-tops. Does an instant marble look sound appealing? Because it for sure is! Buy yourself a granite counter-top cover. It is quite easy to fix and doesn’t have any bubbles. It will look absolutely amazing and to top it off when it’s time to move or simply a change, it will not leave a residue. Trust me your friends, family, neighbor’s dog and that stranger will definitely be impressed by this. (Coin well spent!!)

Instant Granite Counter-tops
Image Source: http://bit.ly/2jyy31h

5. Finally, focus on your decor

Decor is everything, from the prints, plants to the accessories. Make your rental home feel perfect just for you with your exact style and preference. Pick out what makes you feel right at home, if it’s a fluffy comfy rug or even a cool painting.

Beautiful Small Living room area
Image Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/33/19/11/33191103276146466e3e1c8b042c35b5.jpg

That brings me to the end of today’s post. I really do hope it inspires anyone out there to spruce up their space a bit.

If you have any other tips that you would like to share kindly comment below I would love to hear from you and share ideas, tips and tricks.

Till next time,





To all those I owe money, you know the drill…

Can you believe this?! 2017 already?! I am having a blast just thinking about it already, not because I have any major stuff planned, oh wait, I’m moving out… but other than that, I’m just chilling. I like new stuff so why not like 2017 too.

Writing a post about new years and relating it to home decor is quite the task I am not in the mood for so let’s make this one an exceptional post ( aka lazy and an extremely short post)

I had quite a committing year in 2016, managed to keep the blog running and heck yeah I am beyond proud of myself. I also got to grow my hair a couple of inches longer which is indeed the world’s biggest deal (positive vibes) and finally I got to eat more fruit, hoping for this success and more in the coming year.

I am beyond grateful for the lovely following, I felt responsible, it was like having a dog, you guys were my …dogs?!… in the most respectful way of course hahahaha (do not take offense I love most dogs). It is indeed a blessing watching myself grow through this, tasking myself with ideas and sharing them with people who are always beyond supportive and encouraging.

Knowing I have more than one time mentioned moving out, I kinda have to now solely because I have you guys waiting for that to happen now (no pressure I’m sure lol)

As we begin the new year I wish you all the opportunity to wake up and vigilantly chase your dreams, may your hearts burn with the desire to do and succeed.

We are all designers in our own professions, skills and hobbies and with that said…

Happy New Year my fellow designers,






What kind of pet just lays around the house? A Car-Pet! …

For the love of pun hahaha, please don’t unsubscribe some people do actually find me funny and pleasant 🙂

In the spirit of just a few more months to my big move, I came across rugs and carpets. I had an awesome time checking out some really well priced rugs at stores like Antarc and TACC and I thought I should share my idea of what I would eventually settle for.

I feel like a rug makes a home, whether on tiles or laminated floors they just bring out the best out of your home especially when well picked to your style and decor preference. If you have been a frequent veebydesign reader you do know I have a legit obsession with a gray ranged home theme with splashes of color and patterns here and there. I would have loved if this was matched with a white rug, but I am realistic so let’s simply look into other cozy, tiny niece friendly colors.

Grey Rug
Image Source: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/191921086968?roken=cUgayN

A grey rug would fit so well on both light and dark floors and a plus is that it doesn’t show dirt too quickly ( wash your rugs though, don’t be nasty) and still looks stylish.

This also got my undivided attention….faux fur rugs. I mean whoever is looking for a vogue living space should definitely think about this beauty. This works effortlessly in the bedroom area as a bedside rug. Its fancy and will definitely be a wonderful feel on your feet first thing in the morning.

Faux Fur
Image Source:http://www.thebeetleshack.com/2014/10/the-family-home-project-claudia-levi-eve.html

So heard you are looking for some living room class…how about a faux fur rug….yes..they don’t have to be restricted to the bedroom only. The right kind of this rug would fit right into you space and make a glorious decor statement. It is comfortable, child friendly and if you ave a little peach (my friend’s dog is called peaches) the fur won’t be so distinct as compared to other rugs.

Image Source: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ESSL1HU/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_Tyloxb1Z8546R

If you have solid colors through and through your home the a patterned rug would be a way to break the monotony.

Image Source: http://www.digsdigs.com/39-cozy-fur-home-decor-ideas-for-cold-seasons/pictures/80612/

A plain carpet would also do just fine too. In this situation i’d recommend a more bold color of it is just plain but the color should compliment the rest of the decor in the space.

Red Carpet Grey furniture
Image Source: http://www.artvan.com/Furniture/Store/Product_Talbot-Collection_10051_10052_-1_800010670_30001_30000?N=87


Well, that is all the tips I have for you today. I’m now definitely torn between the bold plain and the faux fur but it’s okay i’ll probably go with what’s cheaper hahaha.

Stay tuned for a new post on faux fur decor inlcuding DIYs and all the good stuff.

Thanks for stopping by, be kind to drop a positive comment, hit a like and press the subscribe button.

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Brass & Gold

The gateway to luxurious interiors…

I know it’s been a while but I needed some time to re-collect and re-organize my thoughts and just be brand new about a whole lot, with that said not much has changed I’m just being dramatic.Honestly, I just got super lazy for the past few weeks and my ideas genuinely sucked so I had myself a vacation. I relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine and now the rains, I went for some parties here and there in some nice houses, I postponed washing my clothes for this one week just to live on the edge (I hated the edge!) and finally I had a cup of noodles every once in a while ( wassup Indomie)..best affordable vacation ever!

Anyway enough chitty chatter, I know why we are all here….. Trump du Donald…oh no? That’s not it? I’m too late you say? He’s president you say?…oh okay wrong forum I guess! We are here for brass and gold interior decor, let’s keep it pushing while we still have internet in Africa shall we?

I have always loved a fancy looking bathroom with some nice marble or tiles matched with some neat curtains or all contained in a complementary glass cubicle but I always get let down a bit by the storage accessories placed in these luxurious bathrooms. Truth be told I am not a fan of plastic soap dishes they add no value to a style you’d hope to have in your salle de bains. So, when I saw this amazing brass bathroom storage and organizing accessories I knew I had to share. A fancy feel definitely floats around the space once you add these gorgeous babies to the mix.

Brass Bathroom strorage and organizing accessories
Image Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/e0/bf/78/e0bf78c7f218cf5fecda154ab0bcf1ff.jpg

Recently, I came across this awesome Instagram Page, I’ll remember the name eventually and they had  a DIY bar. I loved the idea so much and it got me thinking how perfect a brass bar would look like. You could add a bottle of your choice place some wine or whiskey glasses and maybe a bucket of ice. This would be perfect if you holding a small get together at your place where you guests would be comfortable enough to pour themselves something without having to invade your kitchen area.

Brass wall stand
Image Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/e8/b9/95/e8b995f97cd6dbec9391ccf7b017b545.jpg

Why don’t you also throw in a bold pillow to the decor. This gold and marble throw pillow has such an abstract look to it, against a wide range of suitable solid couch colors this will be the cherry on top to avoid having a very plain looking sofa.

Gold and Marble Throw Pillow
Image Source: https://society6.com/product/gold-marble-2ab_pillow

Gold accessories are by far my favorite when it comes to outfits because they shift anything from plain Jane to a 10. So, an opportunity to dress my living space with some gold accents is something that definitely had my decor blood pumping.

Gold Interior Decor Accessories and Accents
Image Source: http://www.zgallerie.com/t-live-in-color.aspx?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=onsite&utm_campaign=liveincolor&crlt.pid=camp.rZWWHvN0FwIY&pp=1

Hope you enjoyed the post as much as I did. Promise to be around a tad bit more. Stay positive, stay creative and stay golden.

Much Love!!