To all those I owe money, you know the drill…

Can you believe this?! 2017 already?! I am having a blast just thinking about it already, not because I have any major stuff planned, oh wait, I’m moving out… but other than that, I’m just chilling. I like new stuff so why not like 2017 too.

Writing a post about new years and relating it to home decor is quite the task I am not in the mood for so let’s make this one an exceptional post ( aka lazy and an extremely short post)

I had quite a committing year in 2016, managed to keep the blog running and heck yeah I am beyond proud of myself. I also got to grow my hair a couple of inches longer which is indeed the world’s biggest deal (positive vibes) and finally I got to eat more fruit, hoping for this success and more in the coming year.

I am beyond grateful for the lovely following, I felt responsible, it was like having a dog, you guys were my …dogs?!… in the most respectful way of course hahahaha (do not take offense I love most dogs). It is indeed a blessing watching myself grow through this, tasking myself with ideas and sharing them with people who are always beyond supportive and encouraging.

Knowing I have more than one time mentioned moving out, I kinda have to now solely because I have you guys waiting for that to happen now (no pressure I’m sure lol)

As we begin the new year I wish you all the opportunity to wake up and vigilantly chase your dreams, may your hearts burn with the desire to do and succeed.

We are all designers in our own professions, skills and hobbies and with that said…

Happy New Year my fellow designers,





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