Moving out?

Here are some helpful tips to ease the process…

Moving into a new place is always a pain. I remember when I moved out with my family that one time, the hustle and costs to this date are the reasons my move will be quick and easy. Just a bunch of clothes and my make-up. (maybe my niece too and only because she’s tiny, otherwise!)

So in light to a close friend soaring to her new beautiful apartment I thought I do a little piece on how to reduce moving pains and enjoy that new chapter in your life.


This is by far the most important part of moving. Please don’t carry all your recycled BlueBand tins to your new place claiming “you’ll need them” and ” you never know”. Thank the Almighty for the plastic paper ban here in Kenya because some of us would reserve a whole hour to just organize those polluting monsters for the move. Think  about what you need and what you’ve been meaning to get rid of.

You can opt to do a good deed and give out some of your stuff to charity. From the clothes you don’t wear anymore but keep around because you thought they’d work with an outfit “one day” to the shoes you haven’t walked in in years.

If you are planning to get some new furniture, don’t be greedy picking a stool and a chair from mum’s house. Move in first then see what else you might add that was lazying around back home then add it on later. Otherwise, guys will reduce their clutter into your new space.


Nobody ever said moving in has to be a sprint. Rushing into stuff might end up leading to unnecessary over spending. Nothing ever beats good research, look into the best moving companies, the best day and time to move (I’d say the weekend) and also inquire from areas you bought major delicate items if they do deliveries for free after purchase. This ends up saving you a lot more money. So you make the purchase and they store it for you, for some time (usually they have a maximum storage period) and when you are ready for the move, they just hook you up!


Although some might not see this as necessary, I honestly think having a good idea and plan of how you want your space to look like is beyond important. This helps you know close to exactly what to get and what isn’t necessarily your style. It becomes strenuous when you walk into a dozen stores not knowing what you are looking for, or what color, or even worse having to decide on a decor theme on the spot. You end up with quite a mixture of items and by horrible luck you might hate all of them when you place them together.

Plan ahead, if you are not a planning freak like me a) hire me to do it for you (hahahaha) and b) have a rough idea (not too rough though like at least draw something small on paper)


Do not assume the size of your space and the size of the furniture. It’s of course unrealistic to measure everything you want to get, so just basically the big items. Confirm the bed size, the sofa and also in some cases the cooker and fridge. Measure your space and ensure they will fit perfectly without looking squeezed, if you don’t ensure this they might not even fit at all after you’ve already made that purchase.

Thank you so much for stopping by… that is all I have for today. I hope these tips help ease your move. Don’t forget to share the post with a friend and a friend of another friend.

Peace, Love and Prosperity Xx


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