5 Temporary Rental Apartment Upgrades

Your Landlord doesn’t even have to know…

First decor post of the year… I am excited!!!!! How have your first few days been like? Let me know in the comment section down below.. did you get a dog? get married? change your hair color? I did all the above… haha just kidding, I planned to get a nose ring though then chickened out so I have that going for me. Anyway, back to the matter…open and close… (Wizkid reference talk about click bait lol) Vee! concentrate… okay now for sure we are getting back to the matter at hand, which is my most favorite thing to talk about and that is of course Interior Home Decor! So let’s get into rental friendly upgrades shall we?

Now moving into an already built home is easy in most aspects, considering it’s just like fast food…only for homes, if that makes any sense (like in-and-out? no?..okay!). The house could be perfect in most parts but there could be some areas that are simply not to your liking but looking for the perfect rental home is usually an impossible journey. So here are some few tips that could help you make that home a little more perfect to your own taste.

  1. Rental Friendly Wallpaper

For some reason some landlords have a liking for really awkward colors. Of course some people could work through this colors but for the most of us they are simply repulsive regardless of the fact that the space could be perfect. Removable wallpaper is probably the answer for you. Coming in a huge selection of design, colors and patterns you will immediately feel right at home. You can get good quality wallpapers from most of the home stores all around Nairobi. Check out Mr. Price Home, they never disappoint.

Removable Wallpaper for Renters
Image Source: http://bit.ly/2jdQFE7

2. Change up the flooring

I have seen quite some interesting tiles in my search that I would in no way be willing to deal with. I have mentioned this before, Floor Decor Kenya is definitely the fix in this situation. The laminated flooring can be placed right on top of those hideous cold tiles or you could also have a vinyl cushion placed which is a cheaper option that is just as versatile, durable and classy. Click on the link above to read more on laminated flooring, I had done a much more extensive post earlier :).

Laminated Flooring
Image Source: http://floordecorkenya.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/IMG_7135-1030×801.jpg

3. Lighting

The lighting that comes in rental homes is most of the times very simple and by simple I mean literally just a bulb to get you out of the dark… no style or character whatsoever. Luckily this can be easily spruced up with some new light fixtures. You will need to leave with these to your new home though, nobody is trying to gift anyone here.

Image Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/27/3a/18/273a187662d41f6e91d19f5c76e8404d.jpg

4. Counter-top upgrades

For a lavish look, you could change up your counter-tops. Does an instant marble look sound appealing? Because it for sure is! Buy yourself a granite counter-top cover. It is quite easy to fix and doesn’t have any bubbles. It will look absolutely amazing and to top it off when it’s time to move or simply a change, it will not leave a residue. Trust me your friends, family, neighbor’s dog and that stranger will definitely be impressed by this. (Coin well spent!!)

Instant Granite Counter-tops
Image Source: http://bit.ly/2jyy31h

5. Finally, focus on your decor

Decor is everything, from the prints, plants to the accessories. Make your rental home feel perfect just for you with your exact style and preference. Pick out what makes you feel right at home, if it’s a fluffy comfy rug or even a cool painting.

Beautiful Small Living room area
Image Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/33/19/11/33191103276146466e3e1c8b042c35b5.jpg

That brings me to the end of today’s post. I really do hope it inspires anyone out there to spruce up their space a bit.

If you have any other tips that you would like to share kindly comment below I would love to hear from you and share ideas, tips and tricks.

Till next time,






To all those I owe money, you know the drill…

Can you believe this?! 2017 already?! I am having a blast just thinking about it already, not because I have any major stuff planned, oh wait, I’m moving out… but other than that, I’m just chilling. I like new stuff so why not like 2017 too.

Writing a post about new years and relating it to home decor is quite the task I am not in the mood for so let’s make this one an exceptional post ( aka lazy and an extremely short post)

I had quite a committing year in 2016, managed to keep the blog running and heck yeah I am beyond proud of myself. I also got to grow my hair a couple of inches longer which is indeed the world’s biggest deal (positive vibes) and finally I got to eat more fruit, hoping for this success and more in the coming year.

I am beyond grateful for the lovely following, I felt responsible, it was like having a dog, you guys were my …dogs?!… in the most respectful way of course hahahaha (do not take offense I love most dogs). It is indeed a blessing watching myself grow through this, tasking myself with ideas and sharing them with people who are always beyond supportive and encouraging.

Knowing I have more than one time mentioned moving out, I kinda have to now solely because I have you guys waiting for that to happen now (no pressure I’m sure lol)

As we begin the new year I wish you all the opportunity to wake up and vigilantly chase your dreams, may your hearts burn with the desire to do and succeed.

We are all designers in our own professions, skills and hobbies and with that said…

Happy New Year my fellow designers,





Floor Decor Kenya

Awesome Website Alert…

floor decor kenya
Image Source: floordecorkenya.com

Have you guys seen the new, amazing Floor Decor Kenya website???? Perfection! Nothing is better than a friendly user interface when it comes to shopping online and that is exactly what the Floor Decor Kenya website had in mind. I have heard of horror stories where someone logged in to their favorite online store and got lost in the search button. (I have given such horror stories too) So you already know when i logged in to my favorite original Pergo laminate floor online store I was more than excited to easily navigate and pick my next laminate ventures.

fdc products
Image Source: floordecorkenya.com

I am such a lazy browser merged with a serious inclination to colorful pictures, in short I love me some pictures, no words. So if anyone is trying to sell me something, take a note from Floor Decor Kenya and literally show me what it is I am about to drop some coins on.

Customer confidence is necessary in any business and sometimes this is neglected especially during online situations. I usually like seeing previous works to be able to build my confidence in the product and service. It is never easy just taking someone’s word from it through an online chat service but a combination of videos, line up of customer satisfactions and an able chat service for whatever queries I might have, I feel I am in good confident hands regardless of the fact that I am receiving my service online. This makes it easier for anyone looking to shop on this website from any part of the country.


So how about we make a stop by the new Floor Decor Kenya Website and get our original Pergo laminate floors through an easily navigable website with a clean, polished and organised look complete with proper and accurate pictures for your desired product.

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Home Time

Tell the time in style…

I know, I know, most of you already have amazing smartphones and smart watches that would probably also cook for you if Samsung would finally read my fan mail and follow my ridiculously clever suggestions (don’t worry washing dishes was on the list too) but you can’t tell me a good wall clock won’t be perfect for your home, you literally can’t, I won’t listen. So now that I have all yee doubters convinced (hopefully) Let’s talk time!

Growing up we had all sorts of wall clocks, not because we were collectors of any kind but because dad would bring them with the company calendars every new years (this was pretty much culture) So we had one with a disturbing eagle at the back, another that was just big numbers it had no business being beautiful, it was there to solely tell you the time and the rest were just as boring as the first two mentioned. So of course with all my experience with these kind of watches I am definitely qualified to be writting this post.

wall clock 1
Image Source: http://www.thestylesaloniste.com/2013/05/the-bliss-list.html

I know some pretty dramatic people (points at self) who this clock would be perfect for. Who would dare look at their phone for the time with this timely elephant in the room…

Besides all these qualities such as being able to tell the time from Jupiter, this is a pretty good looking clock. Now of course if you are dealing with a small space you most definitely do not want this it will make your space look unnecessarily smaller.

You could also opt for a large but not too large size of course, if you are not here for the drama but still kind a like the drama lol.

Image Source: http://www.beyondbright.com.au/copper-bertha-101cm-wall-clock

Now on to smaller things, of course we are all different and some of us might be rooting for the little guy. Don’t worry I am all about preaching equality. But let’s bust some myths first, a small clock does not have to be boring and simple doesn’t mean boring. Now that I have that out there for the a hundreth time, take a look at this abstract beauty. Perfect isn’t she?

clock abstract
Image Source: https://www.polyvore.com/brika_geometric_wall_clock/thing?id=173609122
modern clock
Image Source: http://www.european-light.com/mekkanico-052-modern-round-wall-clock.html

Not wanting to waste your time (wink wink haha) how about you get yourself a good wall clock for all those good times!

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African Inspired

Own your culture…

I am not African because I was born in Africa, I am African because Africa was born in me ~ Kwame Nkurumah

A themed home is always fun and different. It takes time to build up the final look with a few pieces being added here and there but eventually you end up with your masterpiece, your very own themed home decor style.

So when the idea of an African themed home came to mind, you know I was more than excited to blog about this. Thinking about African inspired decor the first thing that kept on coming to mind was probably an “uteo” and a “maasai shuka” ( I know this is beyond cliche, and I am beyond sorry) but after further research I realized 1. the uteo isn’t a bad idea at all and 2. there is so much more to African design than just the restricted thoughts I claimed before.


Living in modern times one might think an African inspired theme might be a bit backdated but once you see how the uteos fit perfectly into this modern home you instantly change your mind.

The uteos have various unique and vibrant designs that speak culture and immense history and one can pick any of the designs from the more subtle to the more eccentric designs that match their particular home style.

Besides looking amazing, this masterpiece is actually pocket friendly. Gorgeous uteos can be found at Hilton Arcade (that shop on ground floor I have no clue what its called), at the famously known Maasai Market and also at Kitengela Glass. Now go forth and uteo the world off that boring wall.

When dealing with this style decor, it is necessary to not have your house looking like a museum, simplicity is key as always. Overdoing anything takes away from it most of the time. It’s great if you are feeling the Shaka Zulu vibe with the animal skin carpet and leopard print bed spread matched with an antelope skull from your endeavors at the corner but pause, just chill! You’ll look like you have a crazy fetish.

living area
Image Source: http://bit.ly/28VWlSf

The simple inspired accessories included here are what makes this one of my favorite looks so far. Let’s also note the floor decor, laminated floors are 1. perfect for this demonic weather 2. you can get the original Pergo at Floor Decor Kenya at an affordable price 3. Dark laminates are definitely my favorites they bring so much class (everyone wants class)

african heritage
Image Source: http://bit.ly/299I68b

Now go ahead and put up some pieces that proudly represent your African heritage. Africa has so much history to offer, this post is not even a fraction of the decor ideas offered by the different countries in this gorgeous continent. With that said feel free to post some comments on your favorite pieces from all over beautiful Africa. I look forward to your ideas, comments and of course your much appreciated likes. Don’t forget to share! 🙂

The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa, for he has much to look forward to~ Richard Mullin






That Gorgeous Accent

I’m talking about the chair…

This is probably the only accent i’d pick up overseas 🙂

In the spirit of redecorating, I went online searching for sofas and all other sorts of things. I landed on some pretty neat sites like Furniture Elegance and some awesome pages on Facebook that have escaped my mind for now (I’m sorry). I was more than excited about this because there were some pretty awesome prices for some more than beautiful pieces (cheap shall forever be my favorite number). I kept at this online search for quite a bit and I ended up on more general sites to see what is out there in terms of home furniture pieces. I cannot begin to tell you how late I slept literally wondering why I hadn’t gotten an accent before. Ready to learn some new accents?

Now, it is good to note that I have always been the fan of some dramatic flare and yes (in case you were wondering friends) the accent chairs do bring a bit of home decor drama! The final look of everything I came across was anything but boring but still very respectful to the very different styles.


I have imagined how my house would eventually look like more than a thousand times over, influenced by my constant visits to showrooms, I did notice in most cases there is usually the small space that will be too crowded by a couch and if left bare will be too empty. In this situation the accent chair would fit in so perfectly not taking too much space and also not living out too much of the same space either.

You can play around with the different styles accent chairs come in.If the space is a bit bigger, you could have two of them on either sides of a tiny table, this will give your home a modern and trendy style to it.


Accent chairs can also replace your two sitter chair in your lovely home. How about having them right opposite your three sitter, still offering the same good amount of sitting space but in a much more fun way. You could have patterns on them or even have them in a lovely popping color to reduce the dullness in the space.

accent 3

A small space would definitely look absolutely amazing with a pair of these. Throw in some patterned pillows that you can change from time to time to give your living space a new look each time.

As much as the accent chairs are taking the Gold in the living room, they still manage to steal the spotlight in the bedroom as well. They are an amazing furniture accessory to add into your space to give it a pop of color or even just some character. Sometimes the space looks a tad bit plain and boring and this would definitely give it a whole new feel.



I hope you enjoyed today’s read.

Some accents are definitely worth acquiring.

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Till next time!



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Not only in the bedroom…

Growing up I never admitted much about my liking for the color pink. No strong reason, other than the fact that I was a tomboy and it would have probably reduced my non existent street cred to like a negative zero. Eventally, I did mature into a young lady and I grew well into my femininity. I began appreciating the color through my dressing, my makeup (a cotton candy lippie is absolutley gorg) but I did nothing to my hair with regard to this color just incase you were wondering. I finally let myself be asscociated with the most stereotype color used to describe a lady and I honestly did not find anything wrong with that. Therefore, I let myself explore with this color a little more and here we are, landing right foot first at the doorsteps of home decor. So, shall we?

pretty in pink

When it come to home decor, one has to learn the art of home accesorization. The details always do carry the whole house to a new level. The gold table is absolutely stunning in this picture. It really gives the room more character by bringing together the soft pink chair with the simple grey and white rug (basically how you where your jewellery). This gives the room such a “I totally spent some coin on an interior designer” feel even if you didn’t! The room has an amazing feminine vibe from the flowers in the corner complementing the shades present in the room, to the brilliant lamp shade in metallic pink all this against a brilliant white wall.

pretty in pink 2

I believe in PINK ~ Audrey Hepburn

Looking at the lovely pink details in this breathetaking home decor, I do believe Miss Hepburn did believe in pink. It looks absolutely stunning.

Throw in some pink patterned pillows on to a white chair and it will seriously bring the chair to life. I love the pastel pink curtains and the little pink color schemed accessories around the room against a pale pink wall (the number of times pink was mentioned here lol sorry), The pink vase with the lovely white flowers literally stole my heart.


Adds in random but inspirational quote:

Femininity is the ultimate form of sophistication

Well, thats’s it for today’s post. Hope you enjoyed the read and got inspired. Stay pretty in pink and do stop by more often, subscribe, like and share.