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I know it’s been a while but I needed some time to re-collect and re-organize my thoughts and just be brand new about a whole lot, with that said not much has changed I’m just being dramatic.Honestly, I just got super lazy for the past few weeks and my ideas genuinely sucked so I had myself a vacation. I relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine and now the rains, I went for some parties here and there in some nice houses, I postponed washing my clothes for this one week just to live on the edge (I hated the edge!) and finally I had a cup of noodles every once in a while ( wassup Indomie) affordable vacation ever!

Anyway enough chitty chatter, I know why we are all here….. Trump du Donald…oh no? That’s not it? I’m too late you say? He’s president you say?…oh okay wrong forum I guess! We are here for brass and gold interior decor, let’s keep it pushing while we still have internet in Africa shall we?

I have always loved a fancy looking bathroom with some nice marble or tiles matched with some neat curtains or all contained in a complementary glass cubicle but I always get let down a bit by the storage accessories placed in these luxurious bathrooms. Truth be told I am not a fan of plastic soap dishes they add no value to a style you’d hope to have in your salle de bains. So, when I saw this amazing brass bathroom storage and organizing accessories I knew I had to share. A fancy feel definitely floats around the space once you add these gorgeous babies to the mix.

Brass Bathroom strorage and organizing accessories
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Recently, I came across this awesome Instagram Page, I’ll remember the name eventually and they had  a DIY bar. I loved the idea so much and it got me thinking how perfect a brass bar would look like. You could add a bottle of your choice place some wine or whiskey glasses and maybe a bucket of ice. This would be perfect if you holding a small get together at your place where you guests would be comfortable enough to pour themselves something without having to invade your kitchen area.

Brass wall stand
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Why don’t you also throw in a bold pillow to the decor. This gold and marble throw pillow has such an abstract look to it, against a wide range of suitable solid couch colors this will be the cherry on top to avoid having a very plain looking sofa.

Gold and Marble Throw Pillow
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Gold accessories are by far my favorite when it comes to outfits because they shift anything from plain Jane to a 10. So, an opportunity to dress my living space with some gold accents is something that definitely had my decor blood pumping.

Gold Interior Decor Accessories and Accents
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Hope you enjoyed the post as much as I did. Promise to be around a tad bit more. Stay positive, stay creative and stay golden.

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Let’s hit the floor shall we?

The floor really does bring the whole house together, doesn’t it?  I’ve always loved myself some good old tiles but sometimes a change is good, especially if the change seems totally worth it.

(P.s: The pictures below are not property of Floor Decor Kenya or Veebydesign)

Life always gets better with change

One day as I was doing my normal run (on the internet of course, let’s not get carried away) looking at some upcoming interior decor trends, I came across a company called Floor Decor Kenya who use original Pergo laminate. Their brilliant work played a huge part in changing my flooring decor perspective besides nothing convinces me more than durabilty, affordability (my favorite number is cheaper) and easy to clean. On top of all these, the style is simple yet full of class.

dark laminate
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Of course I have to ackowledge different styles for different people. Personally, I love a dark floor, especially if it’s matched with a dark wall (maybe a deep red) but thankfully with their consideration of different preferences out there, Floor Decor Kenya offers a variety of different shades of laminate. Giving you an opportunity to express your decor style without having to settle on something you are not really comfortable with.

floor new 1
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A light floor really brightens up a space, especially if you have a small room and you are looking to make it look larger, a lighter shade will definately do the trick. On top of that, it really does give a space the clean look,the kind of clean Bree from Desperate Housewives would definately approve ( I know it’s an old show but still she was so clean). Don’t try and convince yourself that with the floor being wooden, a little dirt might add a little character be clean folks, cleanliness is next to Godliness :).

Laminated floors also give a consitency, carrying style and the same vibe throughout the whole house from the living room, to the corridors, all the way up to the stair cases making it easier to style the home, for example when picking out things such as curtains, especially if you prefer the same coloured fabric throughout the whole space.

laminated staircase
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Floor Decor Kenya also offer carpeting, composite decking, composite gates and also luxury vinyl tiles.

Visit their town showroom to view floor samples, get a FREE ESTIMATE and more.

Building 9
Opposite Simlaw Seeds
Nairobi, Kenya

Or call +254 722-679-830, 0724-282-819, 0773-881-560

Check out their informative website:

Facebook Page: Floor Decor Kenya

Twitter: @FloorDecorKenya

Adds in last minute quote:

That one change can make all the difference.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you will be making the change from tiles to laminate floors as I will be doing soon as well. See you at the showroom! Don’t forget to subscribe/like, comment and share the blog and the Veebydesign page on Facebook.