Brass & Gold

The gateway to luxurious interiors…

I know it’s been a while but I needed some time to re-collect and re-organize my thoughts and just be brand new about a whole lot, with that said not much has changed I’m just being dramatic.Honestly, I just got super lazy for the past few weeks and my ideas genuinely sucked so I had myself a vacation. I relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine and now the rains, I went for some parties here and there in some nice houses, I postponed washing my clothes for this one week just to live on the edge (I hated the edge!) and finally I had a cup of noodles every once in a while ( wassup Indomie) affordable vacation ever!

Anyway enough chitty chatter, I know why we are all here….. Trump du Donald…oh no? That’s not it? I’m too late you say? He’s president you say?…oh okay wrong forum I guess! We are here for brass and gold interior decor, let’s keep it pushing while we still have internet in Africa shall we?

I have always loved a fancy looking bathroom with some nice marble or tiles matched with some neat curtains or all contained in a complementary glass cubicle but I always get let down a bit by the storage accessories placed in these luxurious bathrooms. Truth be told I am not a fan of plastic soap dishes they add no value to a style you’d hope to have in your salle de bains. So, when I saw this amazing brass bathroom storage and organizing accessories I knew I had to share. A fancy feel definitely floats around the space once you add these gorgeous babies to the mix.

Brass Bathroom strorage and organizing accessories
Image Source:

Recently, I came across this awesome Instagram Page, I’ll remember the name eventually and they had  a DIY bar. I loved the idea so much and it got me thinking how perfect a brass bar would look like. You could add a bottle of your choice place some wine or whiskey glasses and maybe a bucket of ice. This would be perfect if you holding a small get together at your place where you guests would be comfortable enough to pour themselves something without having to invade your kitchen area.

Brass wall stand
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Why don’t you also throw in a bold pillow to the decor. This gold and marble throw pillow has such an abstract look to it, against a wide range of suitable solid couch colors this will be the cherry on top to avoid having a very plain looking sofa.

Gold and Marble Throw Pillow
Image Source:

Gold accessories are by far my favorite when it comes to outfits because they shift anything from plain Jane to a 10. So, an opportunity to dress my living space with some gold accents is something that definitely had my decor blood pumping.

Gold Interior Decor Accessories and Accents
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Hope you enjoyed the post as much as I did. Promise to be around a tad bit more. Stay positive, stay creative and stay golden.

Much Love!!




That Exciting First Move

Tips for your very first home…

Hey hey everybody I have been a bit preoccupied with work so my posts have seriously suffered but I’m here now , and I already regret not being here sooner. I had so many thoughts I wanted to share but I kept procrastinating, for some reason.

Open Counter Kitchen
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Picking a place to move into is definitely something that requires a lot of time, decision making (which I lack immensely ) and some serious commitment.

Tip one: Start zoning into a particular house one month to your move. If you start admiring one house 7 months to your move, you won’t really get it, because you aren’t really prepared to do the necessary like for example immediately managing  2 months deposit payments most importantly. And real talk, that house won’t wait for you for 7 months  and if it does there’s something wrong with that house so don’t spend any of your coin on it.

Tip Two: Always pick your chair design after you have a house on the lock down. You wouldn’t want to get an L-shaped that would literally take all the space in your house. That would be so annoying jumping over a chair every time you need to get to the other side. So you can have a number of particular designs in mind while picking a house so that at the end of the day you always have the advantage when trying to decide what you want.

Grey L-shaped chair
Image Source:

Tip Three: Do not shy away from buying yourself some fun stuff while you plan to move out. Save up for a screen,  maybe a fridge (doesn’t have to be the biggest) a carpet ( we don’t use the massive one’s anymore, thank God, so I’m sure the modern sized ones should be good enough) and also how about you set aside some savings to treat yourself to Zuku (wi-fi is life, how else will you read my blog???)

And finally not to bore you guys with all these tips, Tip Four: Be comfortable with whatever you are doing. Don’t stretch yourself too thin and take your time. Moving out should be fun and anything else that makes it negative will down the whole experience. It’s a great step, ask for advise, take some and leave some and have yourself the pleasure of finally getting to enjoy and test your independence.

Beautiful Small Space
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Planning to move out: BEDS

Getting a good, fancy looking, inexpensive (preferably free) and durable bed has not been an easy task, I don’t know why I thought it would be in the first place and it is definitely safe to say I thought about sleeping in one of my old sleeping bags and just hipster my way through life, but I went through online therapy (involves me googling stuff while chewing down some popcorn or amigos) and I came across some amazing stuff that I am more than excited to share. So let’s share a dream on these extremely dreamy headboards!

Dreamy Light Grey HeadBoard
Image Source:

I will be the first to say that I am currently dealing with the world’s ugliest headboard, don’t get me wrong I still sleep like a baby, just not the North West kind of baby sleep, you know? which any normal 24 year old adult would wish for. So being broke and fairly creative most of the time, I have ended up looking for some cheaper options to deal with this pesky situation, and you already said it, DIY! All day errday….

Dreamy DIY HeadBoard
Image Source:

I am utterly obsessed with this simple yet brilliant idea. First of all it looks like so much fun to do, second it’s beyond unique with the different mix of patterns. So to get this awesome style, just use 18×18 or larger pieces of plywood…wrap each one using quilt batting because it has the cushion-y look to it. Et Voila! You have a beautiful headboard!!! If you are looking for some more character how about some Ankara wrapping, that would be such an awesome themed headboard. So don’t be shy just DIY! (I am the Queen of corniness.. and binge eating).

Well sometimes, you might want to just close your eyes and spend a dime or two. Uber your way all the way to the furniture store ( it’s 35% cheaper so you know I am in on that haha…) and buy yourself something nice, something you’ve probably seen in one of the many E! Reality Shows, I have mental screenshots of a particular show (KUWTK), its crazy… I just like what I like!

Beautiful Pattern HeadBoard
Image Source:

The mirror on top of the headboard is such a lovely touch but considering the headboard is rectangular in shape as well, I’d have probably picked a circular shape and had it at the very center.

The print on the headboard matches well with the print and the vibrant colors on the pillows. This gives the room a very youthful feel.

But of course you would be wondering where to get such amazing headboards. Well, wonder no more I found something for you guys and for me too !

Slumberland HeadBoards Nairobi Kenya
Image Source:

I visited  the Slumberland Kenya Limited website and I was beyond excited by the modern and diverse headboard styles they had there, available for all bed sizes!!!!!! (Major Key)

HeadBoard Ranges and Styles
Image Source:

So how about you check them out! Buy a few things here and there, get fancy. But before that Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share!

Sweet Dreams




Wallpapers and Other Short Stories

Flower Wallpaper

For all your quick wall decor fixes….

Beautiful Wallpaper
Image Source:

Who loves quick fixes? Me!!! And you know wallpaper is the mother of quick home decor fixes.

Sometimes you want a change, and the change is way more expensive than you can handle at that time, but nonetheless you still want that change, and then you dream about wallpaper and suddenly that change is possible. Won’t HE do it!

I get bored really fast with most stuff (except food) and the wall color is no exception for me. One minute that red looks like decor fire and the next, i’m just having a hard time enjoying the space. In such situations you can switch things up without having to spend a whole load of money and time.

With wallpaper you have the option of choosing to fully express yourself. Put the craziest pattern or design that would look beyond bizarre if it was all over the place but looks just perfect being busy on just one side of your space.

Floral Wallpaper Home Decor
Image Source:

Everyone has interests and preferences and sometimes we think they cannot be expressed in our home decor, which really shouldn’t be the case.

Your home should be an extension of your personality.

So with that said, I am definitely obsessing over the nature feel I am getting from this particular wallpaper. The nest like hanging lamp shade completes the look stunningly and if it hasn’t been said before, I’ll say it now, this floral wallpaper is definitely in character.

Of late I’ll admit I have been feeling the more mature feel to my room. You know?, a candle here ( not lit, not even out of the box or the supermarket actually, I own no candles), matching pillow cases ( most of the time) and close to good quality bed sheets.So naturally, the wallpaper is something I found being a pretty good grown girl addition. At first, I was a bit undecided, there is color, pattern, texture!!!! I was all over the place then I let go of the idea of commitment (unlike wall paint) and it made all the difference. I was able to view the different designs without restrictions or what ifs.With that said, hope you enjoyed the read, I try not to make them too long so i just end them abruptly like all bloggers should, have a look at my online found faves, don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe and share!

Bedroom Wallpaper
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Golden Wallpaper
Image Source:


Mature Bedroom Wallpaper
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There’s a first time for everything…

At first I was a bit skeptical about this post, since it’s more on the planning and not on the actual moving out but after a sweet conversation with a friend ( hey friend!) I was like, you know what!, the planning is just as exciting so why not share my thoughts and hopes with you amazing folk!

I have been dreaming about this since forever (I refer you to my previous hinting posts haha) and when it finally came to the point of actual planning I literally had to tell myself

You are not a kid anymore Vee, you are finally growing up!

And this honestly felt better than that time I got a neat Nakumatt voucher to buy my first Harry Potter book (got the book but didn’t use the voucher). I used to hate picking out curtain fabric with mum at that always busy place at Capital Center but now I’m busy adding it to my to do list, asking mum about it, making time and stuff. Anyway, let me not bore you guys with my “who would have thought” statements and let’s get into my current interior decor options, shall we?

I want a style that speaks volumes of my character and personality, so with that said anyone who knows me would know that means a lot of solids and some minimal print.(This is however subject to change because sometimes you are a woman and sometimes the woman changes her mind and most of the time I am that woman changing her mind)

I would have loved my own personal white house, but I am a very practical human being (it comes with age, my birthday was a few days ago) and I consider that my very jovial 6 year old niece visiting my white house would bring a lot of change, particularly on the white. So I settled for majorly the not so light solids and maybe bring out some life and light through a couple of print throw pillows, interesting curtains and some necessary accessories.

We all already know Dinku knows what’s up in terms of affordable quality furniture. So you already know I was way up in their website.

dinku 1
Image Source:

They were without a doubt my very first choice when it came to where I would get my very first piece of furniture at a good price. Being my first time I didn’t want to go testing waters and drowning in awful choices.

dinku 2
Image Source:

Personally, I will go for either a dark grey or black chair when the time comes for me to make my purchase, this is because I plan on playing with a light shade of grey as my living room carpet, it’s a theme I plan on building throughout my space, with a pop of a few bright colors here and there, like a mixture of dark red, dark grey and light grey towels in the bathroom sounds pretty amazing to me.

Image Source:

I know this is not exactly what I’ve talked about above, but I just wanted you guys to see the blending that comes with these very attractive colors. The red pops perfectly in this grey walled bathroom, matched with the lovely white cabinets and towels. I will of course spare my guests the watch present in this particular picture, instead I shall shame them for staying too long in the bathroom like any other normal host would.

So this is either going to be an extremely long post or I can just stop here and promise to write soon about the more exciting things to come. I will definitely try my best to put the links of most of my purchases (that excludes most if not all of my electronics unless Luthuli Avenue has a website) and I hope to talk to you guys soon.

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African Inspired

Own your culture…

I am not African because I was born in Africa, I am African because Africa was born in me ~ Kwame Nkurumah

A themed home is always fun and different. It takes time to build up the final look with a few pieces being added here and there but eventually you end up with your masterpiece, your very own themed home decor style.

So when the idea of an African themed home came to mind, you know I was more than excited to blog about this. Thinking about African inspired decor the first thing that kept on coming to mind was probably an “uteo” and a “maasai shuka” ( I know this is beyond cliche, and I am beyond sorry) but after further research I realized 1. the uteo isn’t a bad idea at all and 2. there is so much more to African design than just the restricted thoughts I claimed before.


Living in modern times one might think an African inspired theme might be a bit backdated but once you see how the uteos fit perfectly into this modern home you instantly change your mind.

The uteos have various unique and vibrant designs that speak culture and immense history and one can pick any of the designs from the more subtle to the more eccentric designs that match their particular home style.

Besides looking amazing, this masterpiece is actually pocket friendly. Gorgeous uteos can be found at Hilton Arcade (that shop on ground floor I have no clue what its called), at the famously known Maasai Market and also at Kitengela Glass. Now go forth and uteo the world off that boring wall.

When dealing with this style decor, it is necessary to not have your house looking like a museum, simplicity is key as always. Overdoing anything takes away from it most of the time. It’s great if you are feeling the Shaka Zulu vibe with the animal skin carpet and leopard print bed spread matched with an antelope skull from your endeavors at the corner but pause, just chill! You’ll look like you have a crazy fetish.

living area
Image Source:

The simple inspired accessories included here are what makes this one of my favorite looks so far. Let’s also note the floor decor, laminated floors are 1. perfect for this demonic weather 2. you can get the original Pergo at Floor Decor Kenya at an affordable price 3. Dark laminates are definitely my favorites they bring so much class (everyone wants class)

african heritage
Image Source:

Now go ahead and put up some pieces that proudly represent your African heritage. Africa has so much history to offer, this post is not even a fraction of the decor ideas offered by the different countries in this gorgeous continent. With that said feel free to post some comments on your favorite pieces from all over beautiful Africa. I look forward to your ideas, comments and of course your much appreciated likes. Don’t forget to share! 🙂

The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa, for he has much to look forward to~ Richard Mullin






That Gorgeous Accent

I’m talking about the chair…

This is probably the only accent i’d pick up overseas 🙂

In the spirit of redecorating, I went online searching for sofas and all other sorts of things. I landed on some pretty neat sites like Furniture Elegance and some awesome pages on Facebook that have escaped my mind for now (I’m sorry). I was more than excited about this because there were some pretty awesome prices for some more than beautiful pieces (cheap shall forever be my favorite number). I kept at this online search for quite a bit and I ended up on more general sites to see what is out there in terms of home furniture pieces. I cannot begin to tell you how late I slept literally wondering why I hadn’t gotten an accent before. Ready to learn some new accents?

Now, it is good to note that I have always been the fan of some dramatic flare and yes (in case you were wondering friends) the accent chairs do bring a bit of home decor drama! The final look of everything I came across was anything but boring but still very respectful to the very different styles.


I have imagined how my house would eventually look like more than a thousand times over, influenced by my constant visits to showrooms, I did notice in most cases there is usually the small space that will be too crowded by a couch and if left bare will be too empty. In this situation the accent chair would fit in so perfectly not taking too much space and also not living out too much of the same space either.

You can play around with the different styles accent chairs come in.If the space is a bit bigger, you could have two of them on either sides of a tiny table, this will give your home a modern and trendy style to it.


Accent chairs can also replace your two sitter chair in your lovely home. How about having them right opposite your three sitter, still offering the same good amount of sitting space but in a much more fun way. You could have patterns on them or even have them in a lovely popping color to reduce the dullness in the space.

accent 3

A small space would definitely look absolutely amazing with a pair of these. Throw in some patterned pillows that you can change from time to time to give your living space a new look each time.

As much as the accent chairs are taking the Gold in the living room, they still manage to steal the spotlight in the bedroom as well. They are an amazing furniture accessory to add into your space to give it a pop of color or even just some character. Sometimes the space looks a tad bit plain and boring and this would definitely give it a whole new feel.



I hope you enjoyed today’s read.

Some accents are definitely worth acquiring.

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Till next time!



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