Velvet Inspired Decor

A space fit for royalty…

A throne is only a bench covered with velvet ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Look Napnap (I am so good with nicknames lol) already let us know what it takes to get our very own thrones and that’s exactly what today’s post will be about, nice velvety things that make us all look like we have some coin.

Also, this post was inspired by my addiction to Game of Thrones that I have been rewatching for the past few days and suspiciously learning the lines. Anyway moving right along, let’s dive straight into the post.

Velvet Chair
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C’est parfait if you ask me. Gold has such a grand effect on anything! These chairs scream elegance, coin. The velvet gave this space a whole new feel, take for example, I am such a hater when it comes to black and white tiles, they are very Alice in Wonderland-ish but I certainly did not mind how they seemed here. Put a leather seat and I’d be having a different opinion for sure.

pink velvet chair
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The modern minimalist take on a classy pink velvet. Add a touch of unique to your dining table with this gorgeous piece (or pieces). Things will just never be the same during dinner, even your meals will end up being different, some chicken, some fish,  some filet mignon, some wine, some ugali.. you know … the expensive stuff!!!

Okay! Next thing we could have a glance at is velevet curtains, wait! Before you write me off, just hear me out! You do not have to do the medieval velvet curtains, go with the times and be a little subtle. Have a close look at this kind of velvet…

velvet curtains
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I know you agree, but remember just don’t get everything velvet. We love it but we aren’t maniacs … Mix and match! Otherwise we’d be eating one type of food at a time just rice for lunch then just beef for supper ( I should have a food blog and just mention the obvious … hahaha) I hope you get what I mean lol I am far too lazy to explain this well thought through analogy.

Moving on, we always get the boring beddings don’t we? Well that is about to change. Warm up in royalty this cold season ( this is just #ad gold, Kings collection hit me up ASAP)

velvet beddings
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It is warm, definitely unique and just down right beautiful. This was definitely what Napoleon aka Napnap was going on about when he mentioned you just need to velvet stuff up to make it look pricey.

We have now come to the end of the blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I had quite alot of fun doing this post. Feel free to like, share and comment.

Stay sane. Xx


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The Classy Minimalist

It doesn’t take much, it just take the right kind of enough…

I promised myself that I’d write a tad bit more, so here I am again, excited that I followed that through, I feel like this is definitely some growth on my part.

So during my usual internet runs, I came across something I absolutely fell in love with. Let’s consider that this isn’t rare for me, I come across cute dogs all over the internet, all the time.. so I know what online love feels like. I’m pretty sure you just thinking, ” well get on with it Vee” so here goes, I choose to call this the Classy Minimalist.

I am the brand ambassador of simple living nowadays so loud colors and decor haven’t really been in my radar, With that regard, I have gotten opportunity to explore what I would consider a more simplified home decor style but this in no way makes it seem boring or behind the current times.

Pink Chair against dark wall
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Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful

A lightly colored chair, against a dark wall matched with white accessories is different, but it definitely works. Quite frankly, I would have genuinely preferred the legs of the chair to be a rose gold blending with the light shade of lovely pink , breaking the monotony from the wall and adding a touch of sophistication to the whole look without a lot of effort.

Something else that made my classy minimalist list was the modern brushed brass chandeliers. They give the space such an upgrade. I have been looking for one of these for the longest time and please if you do know where I can find them, kindly comment below.

Brushed Brass Chandelier in Kitchen
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With the brushed brass chandelier, you do not need to tone down on anything in your space because they simply compliment what you have going on. They are like a perfect gold chain, goes well with anything from dress to jeans.

Sexy Abstract Table
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You really do not have to have a boring coffee table anymore. This abstract table will set your living area on fire with its tamed class and subtle yet very noticeable impact on your whole home decor.

It gives the impression of so much style and I am more than obsessed with the fact that the legs are gold and not the plain black or wooden. It takes away from the usual glass coffee tables.

Feel free to get this piece with me because I am right on that line to get me one, wherever that will be.

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Calm Minimal Modern Space
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Finally, I hope you do get to embrace some great tips from this post to be able to enjoy a calm, minimal and modern decor style that will make everyone never want to leave. I really did enjoy writing this post, hope you enjoyed reading it as well. Till next time!