3 Amazing Wallpaper Uses

Beyond the wall…

It’s been quite a while, I’m sorry! Well needed rest I feel. Anyway, I’m back at it again with a new helpful and creative post to keep our designer minds popping and bobbing.

Wallpaper has always been my go to when talking about a quick interior change. The house walls are usually like skin, you change your skin and you look a whole lot different (this is the best analogy I could come up with after going missing for months.. nice.. haha). Moving right along, so here are 3 amazing uses for wallpaper that will give you house a new look and cost you less coin than you would think.


wallpaper on staircase
Image Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/b3/49/40/b349401a3e25fb3edafbd84704309335.jpg

There always those over dramatic wallpaper designs I see in stores and I just stare at them like, who in the world would buy this? Well, I guess we should now!!! A little goes a long way. Add an accent wall without getting permanent and it being on the side of the staircase definetly got a nod from me because it looked a little less busy and does not restrict other patterns you may wish to have in your space.

The good news is that there is more than one way to place a wallpaper on your staircase. Have a look at this!

Tropical staircase
Image Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/e0/a7/dc/e0a7dcf491b832715af062eba0f24a25.jpg

This looks absolutely gorgeous, and the best part is the placement is not at the top of the staircase so nobody will be ruining your beautiful style while the make their way up the stairs.

This particular picture did give me some tropical vibes because the blending of the pineapple images on the wallpaper and well placed vibrant plants, matched with those chairs ( I honestly don’t know what they are called) everything did come togethere perfectly. Goes to show that “one” thing could complete the look you might be going for and that “one” thing could be wallpaper.


Paintings can be very expensive, though totally worth it. I personally advocate for buying beautiful paintings mainly because I have amazing artists for friends, shout out to you Eileen Tamining, she draws people, birds, dogs to a pack of yogurt to absolute perfection, check her out. Anyway, sometimes when we are trying to get ready to save up that money for a beautiful drawing we could indulge in some allowed wallpaper cut into a beautiful frame DIY.

Framed wallpaper
Image Source: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1pcMSNpXXXXbiXXXXq6xXFXXXl/Framed-Home-Decor-Canvas-Art-Painting-Forst-font-b-Nature-b-font-Landscape-Painting-Modern-Wall.jpg

You can thank me in likes and subscriptions for this one, I’m not needy 🙂 Anyway, so a framed wallpaper gives you room to have absolutely anything on your wall (in high resolution if you’d wish btw), it literally depends on what you would want for your space. So go ahead and get to DIY’ing.


Sometimes , you would want to shake things abit. Add some character to your normal tray with some leftover wallpaper. Doesn’t cost too much time or money but the impact is definitely something your guests will notice. Be sure to direct them to veebydesign for more awesome interior decor tips and tricks ( As LoganPaul would say, always plug!!)

TRay accents
Image Source: http://images.meredith.com/content/dam/bhg/Images/2009/10/101463369.jpg.rendition.largest.jpg

Tell me this isn’t stunning!.. I’ll wait!


So, that is all I have for you today, I am glad to be back and I’m glad my fellow designers are right back with me. Hope you enjoyed the post. Wishing you all nothing but good health, great success and warm hearts.


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Let’s keep it Real …. Estate!

Yes I read the Real Estate section on the Daily Nation every Thursday

I feel like my want or rather need to have a house of my own was present since birth. I would go through mum’s old home magazines looking at showers, tiles, curtains, I even wanted the random cute dog that would be placed in the showroom picture just for that “home sweet home” feeling (I still want the dog though). I guess the idea of being independent was so appealing (still is) and besides being my own boss at home seemed nice (eats sweets for supper) So all these very normal and common reasons built up my strong passion and interest for Real Estate and of course Interior design, I would go through papers and magazines to find what I could own, not now or tomorrow ( I am slowly learning to be realistic) but eventually! And how exactly I would want the decor, style and design to be. For me, preparation for a home I hadn’t even bought yet was key🔑, it was motivation of some sort, sure it seemed silly to a lot of people but to me it was and still is a valid dream.

Little girls with dreams become women with vision

Granted there are so many beautiful, breath-taking home designs out there and just like picking between Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, it is quite a hard and sometimes impossible decision (I am cult obsessed with Harry Potter) But that is where interior design comes in! Why move around while you can move things around and have a completely different house and feel all together.
I’m sure you are over my long back story about my dreams and  passions, so I can now very proudly announce that I have decided to include a Real Estate section to my Veebydesign blog. (Exciting! Isn’t it!?!) Every once a week (it’s been hell trying to commit to a day so far) I will be posting about new and old houses in the market inclusive of pictures and videos (if possible) to give my readers the opportunity to have an idea of what’s out there and what’s to come.
I am definitely here for the positive support and feedback I have received so far. It feels great when people love your work as much as you do. Thank you!
Stick around more, visit often,  my journey here has been beautiful so far,  I’m sure it’s about to get even better.